The Maker
Richard Johnson Furniture Makers Ltd was founded by Richard Johnson in 1993, to produce bespoke handmade furniture of the highest quality. Each assignment is unique.

The Materials
While wood is the traditional material for furniture, we work with a variety of different materials including hard and soft woods from sustainable sources, man made boards, such as Plywood and Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), exotic veneers, stainless steel, stone, glass and many different plastics.

The influence
To this end we do not manufacture solely to traditional or contemporary furniture styles. we understand that furniture strongly influences the space it occupies. Furniture has a strong influence on the space it occupies.

The fulfilment
Furniture must fulfil a number of requirements; functional, visual, emotional and remain balanced with the architectural and general aesthetic.

The function
In its simplest form, furniture needs to provide a specific function, however what might be appropriate for one room or one person may not suit another.

The dialogue
Our commissions come to fruition through dialogue with the client. By drawing upon personal character, the architectural style of a house and existing furniture, we will ensure that your piece of furniture integrates seamlessly into your home as well as your personal taste.

The collaboration
On occasion projects are developed through collaboration with architects and designers from different stylistic backgrounds, resulting in body of work that has grown to include many different designs and techniques.

The production
Production is completed in our Middlesex workshop and while most of our commissions are predominantly installed in the UK, there have been several projects undertaken overseas.

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